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AQWA combines top-quality products, extensive knowledge, and industry experience to provide superior wastewater management solutions to clients big and small. From large multi-system commercial projects to single family homes and even public works, we can make it happen, and we've got the track record to prove it.

About Us

We help property owners, regulatory agencies, engineers, and soils professionals figure out tricky onsite wastewater challenges.


The Aqwa STory

AQWA is a small family owned company based out of Wilson, NC. We are dedicated to providing treatment solutions that help property owners get the highest and best use out of their property.



Steve Barry - "The Head Honcho" - CEO of AQWA

Steve has been involved with the onsite wastewater business since the late 1990's when he took  "the plunge" in to onsite wastewater with his first job as county regulator at a local health department in Florida.

Steve started AQWA back in 2000 with his dad Mike "The Colonel" Barry when they saw the potential for pretreatement systems to make a significant impact in the North Carolina onsite wastewater world.

From day one, Steve made it his ambition to grow a company that valued quality, honesty, and dedication to the long-term success of the systems designed and installed with Advantex Treatment. 

Steve's at his best when puzzling through onsite wastewater treatment challenges and putting together designs that will be easily maintained and successful long-term.

Husband to Becky, Dad to two great sons Ethan and Eric, DASH soccer coach and a graduate from Texas A&M - Go Aggies!


Mike Barry - "The Colonel" - COO of AQWA

Mr. Mike as he is known around the office didn't know what he was getting into when he "retired" from the United States Army and agreed to join Steve in a grand wastewater adventure.

Almost 20 years later and he is still making sure AQWA's new sales,  after sales service, and ongoing operations and maintenance still as one cohesive unit. 

Mr. Mike brings an attention to detail and a determination to always pursue excellence that raises the bar for all parties involved

Also, he loves to fish!


Tammy SAnders  - Operations MAnager

Tammy efficiently and professionally oversees the scheduling and execution of well over 1000 inspections and maintenance visits each year and growing.  That's a lot!

She and her operations team work with diligence to ensure that residential, commercial, and community Advantex systems throughout the Carolinas meet all regulatory requirements and continue to operate efficiently and effectively year after year. 

Tammy recently received her undergraduate degree from Oral Roberts University.


Todd HArrell - Sales MAnager - Commercial Sales

Todd works out of Winston-Salem and leads the charge on commerical treatment projects, STEP projects, and community systems. 

Todd worked with BB Hobbs down in SC selling drip irrigation and later Advantex treatment systems. From there he went to work with Orenco as a regional sales manager for the Southeast. He brought his years of drip irrigation and treatment knowledge to AQWA in 2015.

Helping engineers, municipalities, and developers figure out the best way to approach onsite wastewater projects is where he is at his best. 

Todd passed on a lucrative career as a professional football player only because his passion for helping clients get the highest and best use out of their property through smarter wastewater process is so intenses.


Michael Clayton - Residential Sales Account Manager