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AQWA combines top-quality products, extensive knowledge, and industry experience to provide superior wastewater management solutions to clients big and small. From large multi-system commercial projects to single family homes and even public works, we can make it happen, and we've got the track record to prove it.

AX MAX - Communities and Commercial

AX-Max installed in Cedar Point, NC

AX-Max installed in Cedar Point, NC

New Charter School in Guilford County, NC

New Charter School in Guilford County, NC

AX MAX - Creating Opportunity

The AX-Max is 42 feet long and arrives pre-plumbed, including the recirculation tank and pump tank.

We have used the AX-Max units on several community systems with drip dispersal creating massive value for developers when compared with onsite treatment at each home. 

The AX-Max is a robust treatment unit requiring little in operations and maintenance and using a very small amount of electricity compared to activated sludge treatment plants.  This makes it a great alternative to package treatment plants handling small flows.

Key Features

  • Capacity: 5000 gpd up to 1 MGD
  • <2 kWh per 1000 treated gallons
  • Standard 20' or 42' lengths
  • Custom sizes available
  • Disinfection to less than 200 cfu
  • Customizable
  • Mobile option available

In the news:

An Editorial in Onsite Installer Magazine on a project to expand a RV and mobile home park in Cedar Point, NC. This was our first Ax Max treatment system installed in NC and is still one of our favorites to point to as a success story.

Water and Wastes Digest featured an Ax Max Treatment system with STEP collections solving major wastewater headaches for the town of Christiansburg, OH.   

Ax Max brochure

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