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AQWA combines top-quality products, extensive knowledge, and industry experience to provide superior wastewater management solutions to clients big and small. From large multi-system commercial projects to single family homes and even public works, we can make it happen, and we've got the track record to prove it.

Regular maintenance on your Advantex leads to long-term success


Regular maintenance on your Advantex leads to long-term success

Michael Clayton

At AQWA we work with soil scientists and engineers to provide lifetime septic solutions.

AQWA's after sales service and maintenance is one of the biggest reasons engineers and soils professionals like to work with us and recommend Advantex treatment for projects facing challenging soil conditions.

Some people view maintenance as a negative aspect of an engineered septic system. Are oil changes a negative of owning a car? Would you buy a car that didn't have the ability to have an oil change knowing that eventually the engine will seize up and be worthless?

That is essentially the mentality used when we think of "conventional" septic systems and drain fields as being maintenance free. They are maintenance free until there are smelly soggy wet spots in the yard, and the entire yard has to be dug up and thousands of dollars spent to replace the failed system.

We have over 500 residential Advantex systems in our maintenance program. We perform scheduled inspections and maintenance at least twice annually as well as responding to any unscheduled maintenance calls. 

Below is a summary of what we do at each maintenance visit. Anyone who is a professional in the onsite wastewater treatment industry will tell you that a treatment system is only as good as its maintenance program allows it to be.

Twice each year, maintenance is performed by an AQWA service technician which includes:

  • Cleaning septic tank effluent filters

  • Cleaning textile in treatment unit if necessary

  • Checking float switch function

  • Checking amp draw on the pumps

  • Checking pressures on the drip irrigation dispersal field supply and return lines and at the headworks

  • Cleaning the spin filter in the drip headworks

  • Flushing the drain field dripper tubing of any debris

  • Recording flow meter data

  • Measuring sludge and scum layers in septic tank

  • Assessing drain field for breaks in the dripper tubing and repairing if necessary (only occurs when damage is done to tubing by shovel, trencher, post hole digger etc)

  • Creating and submitting an inspection report to local environmental health department if required by permit

  • Sampling of the system effluent if required by operations permit


  • Remote monitoring of the system (if phone line or internet line is provided to panel and properly connected)

    • Eliminates nuisance alarms due to high water usage or minor malfunctions.

    • It is not uncommon for us to log high water use and call homeowners alerting them that they have a leaking toilet flapper or bathroom fixture somewhere in the home.

Warranty Summary

  • Treatment Equipment and Control Panel is all covered by a 3 year warranty

  • The high head pumps in the system are covered by a 5 year warranty and typically last 20+ years