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Which Alternative Septic System is Best?

Michael Clayton

How do you make a decision about which alternative septic solution may be the best for you and your family?

Some of the metrics to assess when making a decision include:
Treatment Efficacy
Quality of Construction
Operations and Maintenance Costs
Ease of Maintenance

We work with Advantex Treatment Systems because we believe they are best in class on all of those metrics.

Other treatment systems on the market don’t offer a treatment process that is nearly as robust and reliable as Advantex treatment systems nor are the materials used in their construction of comparable quality.

Aerobic treatment units (ATUs) have to be carefully managed in order to ensure that the treatment process does not push suspended solids into the drainfield. Normal Septic Tank Effluent will typically be less than 30mg/l total suspended solids (TSS). ATUs generate suspended solids as a part of their treatment process. These solids accumulate fairly rapidly and have to be pumped out every 1 to 3 years (generally) to avoid solids from entering the drain field. ATUs that are not carefully operated may effectively reduce the nutrient load found in the water but still produce effluent that has a TSS level north of 300mg/l TSS.

High TSS going to your drainfield will be the number one thing that causes it to fail prematurely by clogging the pore space in between the soil particles.

Advantex Systems reliably produces less than 10mg/l BOD, <10mg/l TSS, <20mg/l TN.

Advantex features stainless steel and fiberglass components designed to last the life of your home. These tanks and lids will withstand up to a 2,200 lb wheel load. The textile in Advantex units should never need to be replaced.

Pumps come with a 5 year warranty, all other components have at least a 3 year warranty.

Advantex are easy to maintain and do not require frequent pump outs of the tanks. The septic tank will need to be pumped on average every 5 to 10 years depending on use.

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