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Above Ground Fiberglass Septic Tanks and Treatment Plants

Michael Clayton

Are you looking for an above ground septic tank option? We use Orenco T-MAX units on many of our commercial jobs when burying a concrete or fiberglass primary tank will be difficult or costly due to high water table, shallow bedrock, or other site conditions.

The T-MAX tank can come in a variety of configurations that allow for flexibility and customization based on your application. You can gravity or pump out of these T-MAX units to the next treatment stage. Typically we are going into an Advantex AX-MAX treatment unit but really they could go anywhere.

We currently have a project installation in process at a campground in the mountains of Virginia. Due to the difficult site conditions, shallow bedrock, unstable soils, and difficult access for an excavator, the project engineer with AQWA guidance elected to use a T-MAX unit for the flow equalization tank followed by an AX-MAX Mobile set at grade.

Using the T-MAX and AX-MAX Mobile allowed for easy and quick installation of the system with minimal digging required. Check out the Technical submittals for the T-MAX and Mobile units.

Interested in learning more or have a project in mind? Reach out to us to learn more and get started.,, 252-243-7693.

60,000 gpd treatment system featuring T-MAX primary tanks and AX-Mobile treatment units.

60,000 gpd treatment system featuring T-MAX primary tanks and AX-Mobile treatment units.

NPDES Permit - How to reduce O&M costs of your package plant

Michael Clayton

If you are considering replacing an activated sludge plant in South Carolina, North Carolina or Virginia now is a great time to ask yourself, “Is there a better way to do this?”

Activated sludge plants treating small flows <100,000 gpd are tricky to operate. They require lots of maintenance, use lots of energy, and are prone to treatment process upsets due to variable flows and flow strengths.

NPDES permits almost always require a minimum of 5 visits per week (daily) by the operator in responsible charge. This number of visits is required because you actually have to go to an activated sludge plant that often to make sure it is running properly.

There is another option out there that approaches small flow wastewater treatment differently using a packed bed media filter instead of activated sludge process.

This packed bed media filter process is a much more robust treatment process that is less prone to upset utilizing a non-submerged media filter on which the nutrient digesting bacteria live and thrive. In low-flow and low-food times, the bacteria consume what nutrients are left in the recirculating wastewater before entering endogenous respiration aka cannibalizing themselves and each other to survive until flow and food returns. (You can read more about the Performance of Packed Bed Media Filters here.)

The Advantex technology, especially the AX MAX is a technological break through bring the benefits of packed bed media filters like sand filters to a larger scale economically. Advantex treatment systems have been used to replace existing activated sludge package plants resulting in:

  • 80% reduction in site visits

  • 90% reduction in sludge pumping

  • No more energy hogging blowers

  • More consistent treatment and effluent quality

  • Expanded flow capacity

  • Fully Telemetry enabled

  • Safer work environment

Do you have an activated sludge package plant in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia?

If you do, reach out to AQWA to find out how an Advantex system can replace your existing package plant resulting in huge recurring annual savings on operations and maintenance.

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