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AQWA combines top-quality products, extensive knowledge, and industry experience to provide superior wastewater management solutions to clients big and small. From large multi-system commercial projects to single family homes and even public works, we can make it happen, and we've got the track record to prove it.

Warranty Documents


Industry Leading Warranties

Industry leading warranties to support industry leading products. When you make the highest quality products using the most durable materials, you can offer the best warranty without worry. Check out the details on the warranties that support our Advantex and STEP systems.


Residential Advantex

AX20 and AXRT treatment system

  • Pumps - 5 years

  • All other components in the treatment system package - 3 years

All components included in a treatment system come with a minimum 3 year warranty unless covered by an independent warranty of greater duration.

View the entire warranty document here


Commercial systems

Like the residential Advantex treatments, Orenco’s commercial treatment solutions also boast an excellent equipment warranty.

AXMAX and AX100

  • All components (including lids, risers, control panel etc) unless covered by a greater separate warranty - 3 years

  • Pumps - 5 years

View the entire warranty document here


Orenco and AQWA Collections System Equipment

The equipment in Orenco and AQWA provided STEP solutions are protected by the absolute best warranties in the business. Why? Because the components are just that good.

  • Pumps - 10 years

  • Floats- 5 years

  • Control Panel - 5 years

  • All other Orenco on-lot collection components - 5 years

Vew the Orenco On-lot Collection System Warranty


GOP-Products (1).jpg

General Onsite Products

General onsite Products are covered by their own warranty when not sold as part of a treatment system package or on-lot collection system.

General onsite products are covered by a 1 year warrant.

View the entire General Onsite Products Warranty document here