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AQWA combines top-quality products, extensive knowledge, and industry experience to provide superior wastewater management solutions to clients big and small. From large multi-system commercial projects to single family homes and even public works, we can make it happen, and we've got the track record to prove it.

South Carolina

SC 61:56 - denied septic permit alternative

Your local DHEC office representative may have turned your lot down for a conventional septic for a variety of reasons. Whatever they may be, you're not out of options. We work with a handful of great engineers in South Carolina who have successfully obtained dozens of septic permits for their customers after they have been denied.

Possible advantages of having an soil assessor and engineer consult with you to design a septic system:

  • Obtain a septic permit and construction authorization
  • Increasing number of lots
  • Increasing usability of lot
  • Increasing number of bedrooms
  • Add a pool
  • Add a garage
  • Add a guest house
  • Saving trees or other desirable landscaping features
  • A Lifetime septic solution

When an engineer designs a septic system in this manner they are taking on liability for the performance of the system based on the manufacturer's claims and are inclined to design systems that will last a lifetime.

Many engineers choose to work with AQWA using Orenco manufactured Advantex treatment, because they are confident that the system + the after sales support provided by AQWA and Orenco will be a winning combination for a liftetime.

We have 600+ residential systems in the Carolina's and a stellar track record of success.

The first step in getting your lot permitted is to reach out to Michael at or call 252-243-7693. Feel free to send the parcel number or address of the lot and any plans you have completed so far.   Michael will take a look at what you have, what your goals are and be able to help you figure out what the next step will be.