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LEED Eligible Wastewater Treatment Systems

Michael Clayton

The following text is an excerpt from a fact sheet produced by Orenco highlighting some of the ways Advantex systems can be used in your LEED certification project.


LEED Profile: AdvanTex® Treatment Systems

Orenco's AX20 and AX100 Treatment Systems are compact, pre-packaged
products for onsite treatment of wastewater to very high (“advanced”) treatment levels.

Sustainable Sites SS Prerequisite 1
Construction Activity Pollution Prevention AdvanTex Treatment System pods are smaller than many wastewater filtration systems, requiring minimal
digging to install. This lessens soil disturbance and reduces soil erosion and dust.

SS Credit 5.2
Maximize Open Space: When combined with a neighborhood collection
system, AdvanTex Treatment Systems enable developers to cluster homes more closely
together than is possible with typical septic systems. This allows for a high ratio of open
space to development footprint, which promotes biodiversity.

Water Efficiency WE Credit 1
Water Efficient Landscaping: Subsurface irrigation using treated effluent from an AdvanTex Treatment System can reduce the use of potable water for irrigation.

WE Credit 2
Innovative Wastewater Technologies: An AdvanTex Treatment System
with onsite soil dispersal helps recharge the local aquifer. After tertiary treatment, water
from an AdvanTex Treatment System can be reused, saving potable water for other
beneficial uses.

Energy EA Credit 1
Optimized Energy Performance: Pumps that circulate effluent to
& Atmosphere AdvanTex Treatment Systems rarely exceed 1 hp and run for just minutes per day, using far less energy than aerobic blowers.

EA Credit 2
On-site Renewable Energy: Off-grid solar panels have been used to power
Orenco’s low-horsepower (1/2 hp) recirculation pumps, like the ones used at the
LEED-Platinum-certified Audubon Education Center at Debs Park, in Los Angeles.

Innovation ID Credit 1
Innovation in Design: AdvanTex Treatment Systems can be a key feature
& Design in designs exceeding performance standards set by the LEED for New Construction
Green Building Rating System, and also in areas of innovative performance not
specifically addressed by LEED.

LEED Profile Fact Sheet

LEED-Platinum Audobon Center in Los Angeles uses AdvanTex Treatment